This year’s film festival will be held on February 18 to 25. Your local cinemas will feature participating films for one whole week. We encourage everyone to support the documentary films that are informational, interesting, and entertaining.
Two of the featured films are:

Off Label – A film directed by Michael Palmieri and Dona Mosher about the lives of patients who used off label drugs to treat their conditions. The film shows how their lives were changed – for better or for worse, because of these drugs. The drama unfolds as these drugs were used on patients with psychiatric disorders or used ex-convicts as guinea pigs for testing the drugs. Some families mourn and regret their decision to use these drugs.

China From Above: The Future is Now – This video is a documentary presented by the National Geographic Channel. It is about the modernization efforts being done by China to keep up with the needs of its growing population. The efforts documented in the video were economic and social in nature. It focused on Shanghai, one of China’s main cities and is the most populous city in the world with 24 million people living in it. This megacity is also the financial hub and busiest port in the country. Shanghai is undergoing modernization faster than any other country in the world. Being the main commercial district, it saw the rise of skyscrapers to accommodate businesses flourishing in the area. They also have a modern transport system. Their high-speed rail is the longest bullet train in the world. This cutting-edge technology makes traveling from one place to another faster and more convenient especially for a big country such as China. The Chinese also developed ultra-high vantage cable network, which has five times the capacity of the normal grid, to supply electricity to their residents. Amidst all these changes, see how China preserved its culture and heritage for all the world to see.