“Lyrical. Harrowing. Palmieri and Mosher have taken on a huge and urgent topic, and their work’s impact rests on their refusal to tell viewers how to feel.” – Sheri Linden, Los Angeles Times

“Profound. Impressionistic. A tragicomically beautiful art doc.” – Aaron Hillis, Village Voice

“Sensitive, poetic, and gorgeous, the care and affection Mosher and Palmieri have for their subjects is evident in every scene.”- Dodie Bellamy, SF Moma

Sheri Linden’s rave review at the LA Times can be found here.

The full text of Aaron Hillis’ glowing review at the Village Voice can be found here.

Hollywood Reporter weighs in: “Sympathetic. Compelling. A look at America’s complicated relationship with pharmaceuticals that generates discussion more than it answers questions.”

Off Label is thrilled to be acquired by Oscilloscope for North American rights. The film will have a theatrical release in early August, and will be available digitally at around the same time. Woohoo!

Off Label is proud to announce its partnership with Taskovski Films for International Sales.

New York Times! Mike and Donal were included in a really great piece by Tom Roston in the Grey Lady about documentary writing credits. Check it out.

This is truly great review by the wonderful and incredibly diligent film writer James McNally in Toronto Screen Shots. The review is followed by a 6,000 word interview(!) he conducted with us about Off Label over a very long breakfast.

A really nice review from the hometown, The Rain Falls Down on Portlandtown.

One of our favorite reviews so far in the SF MOMA blog, a lovely piece by Dodie Bellamy.

Matthew Fong at Advance Screenings calls Off Label one of the top 3 films at SFIFF.

A fantastic interview with Jessica Bennett from Beacon Broadside, the publisher of Carl Elliott’s latest book “White Coat, Black Hat”.

The first review out of Toronto from the The Globe and Mail calls Off Label ”excruciatingly compelling.” Another from Media Mikes gives the film four stars, calling it “an intimate look at a massive problem.” More great press from Toronto Film Scene and Smells Like Screen Spirit as well.

A rave review of the film by Justin Stewart at Fanzine.

Cynthia Fuchs at Popmatters gives Off Label a 10 out of 10! One could not ask for a better first review.

A great ABC News piece introducing a number of characters in the film by Susan James.

A fascinating conversation about guinea-pigging with Leonard Lopate on NPR.

Here’s a lovely description of our film from Johnny Ray Huston.

The editors of Indiewire asked Mike to contribute his thoughts on Off Label as a cinematographer.

Interviews with Tribeca and Indiewire.

An interview with “The Ethicator” from White Coat Black Hat. We can guarantee no interview with us is going to get stranger than that.

Hollywood ReporterThe Wall Street Journal and Indiewire have listed Off Label in their top 10 films to see at Tribeca.