In the book Pot Farm, Matthew Frank and his wife sought mental rehabilitation in Weckman Farm, a medical marijuana farm in California. In there, they were able to witness the daily operations in the farm industry and how to ensure good quality of the product. They also met different kinds of people such as recovering drug addicts, marijuana users, and businessmen. Their interactions with them gave them a different view of the marijuana farm industry. According to one character, what they do in the farm is technically legal. It is what happens when they supply the medical marijuana to different dispensaries that makes it a complicated business. They do not know what the dispensary owners do with the excess marijuana. In some states, it is legal to use marijuana but it is illegal in other states. There is a confusion regarding what is official and unofficial that they themselves do not know anymore what to believe. This book presents a neutral view on the production and supply of medical marijuana as the author showed different perspectives on why people use the controversial plant.

The issue on the availability of medical marijuana has still not yet been settled until now. The true barrier here has been the limited availability of medical marijuana for research purposes. It has impeded progress on the studies that would prove its medical benefits. There are still conservative groups that believe that marijuana is an illegal drug that could lead to addiction and should therefore not be available to the public. Whether the advantages of the availability of medical marijuana outweigh the disadvantages remain to be proven. The government also needs to take precautionary measures to make sure that it is safe for the public. For now, we only have information from other countries that support research and development of medical marijuana and the results of their studies are promising.