Off Label was directed by Michael Palmieri and Dona Mosher. Its producers are Anish Savjani, Vincent Savino, and Michael Palmieri. The music was provided by Ted Savarese and Danny Grody. It was produced by Filmscience and Wishbone Films. The movie runs for 76 minutes and touches on the issue of healthcare in our country.

Off Label is about the lives of patients who used off-label drugs to treat their conditions. Off-label drugs are those medicines that have not yet gained the approval of the Food and Drug Administration. In reality, there are sources and markets for these drugs. The film shows how the lives of the patients were changed – for better or for worse, because of these drugs. The drama unfolds as these drugs were used on patients with psychiatric disorders or used ex-convicts as guinea pigs for testing the drugs. Some families mourn and regret their decision to use these drugs. On the other hand, there were also some success stories and the film celebrates together with the patients and their families. As they say, there are always two sides to every story and the film made sure to show these two faces of using off-label drugs.

The film deals with the issue of healthcare and access to these drugs. Since many people say that healthcare is relatively unaffordable, has the situation of the high cost of healthcare in our country forced these people to turn to these drugs for treatment? Why are there loopholes that give people access to these drugs that are not yet approved by the government? What should be done about it? This film makes you think and dwell on this important issue and the reality that we are facing now.

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